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Volume of airline-related mentions

Even though you may have a comparable brand positioning and fleet size, people may be talking a lot more about your competitor than about you. That could be good or bad news, of course. "Connect" shows clear tendencies among airline categories, with a large portion of social media mentions going to distinct airlines.

In our figures, we have distinguished between four categories of airlines, based on each airline's fleet size.
The battle on social media is mainly taking place between Category 2 and 3, it seems, with the very large airlines (Cat 4) putting less weight into social media.

Airline Sentiment Comparison

Within our pre-defined airline categories (based on fleet size), there are massive differences to be seen in terms of positive and negative sentiment: some airlines clearly still have challenges with customer experience whilst others prove to be great performers.
There are some interesting stories to be found in the underlying data. The figure on the right displays the "positive sentiment" tendencies across our four airline categories.

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Airline Influencers

Any idea if your airline has any social media influencers and who they are... ?
"Connect" has detected a number of interesting tendencies in this area: some airlines within the same pre-defined category have no online influencers at all, whilst fellow airlines clearly do a lot better... That works both ways: both in Brand Ambassadors and in Badvocates, there are striking differences to be found. The figure on the left displays the "Brand Ambassador" tendencies across our four airline categories.

Airline Sentiment Analysis

Curious to know how your airline scores in terms of "sentiment" across the top social media platforms out there ? Do customers love you, loathe you, endorse you or was their last trip with you really their last one ?!

Check out our latest statistics from "Connect" and learn more about how customers perceive you.

Airline Social Media Influencers

Do you know your Brand Ambassadors and your Badvocates out there ? Or... do you actually have any Brand Ambassadors at all... ? Any idea on how you score in comparison with your fellow airlines ?

Our "Connect" tool identifies your influencers and ranks your airline versus your competition.

Would you like to know more as airline or airline social media manager?

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